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what hole is your must play?

what hole is your must play?

next steps for amazing golf getaway in the mountains

next steps for amazing golf getaway in the mountains

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Our discerning team has thoughtfully curated an exquisite selection of golf courses situated within a two-hour radius of our esteemed Home Base in Canmore. Indulge in the majestic allure of Mt. Kidd, revel in the awe-inspiring beauty of Stewart Creek, bask in the luxurious ambiance of Silvertip, or immerse yourself in the timeless charm of Banff Springs. For additional inspiration, we encourage you to peruse our meticulously compiled list of choices.

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vrbo best mountain retreat banff canmore main mobile  banner collection page  image 1x1 6000

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When planning your Rocky Mountain Golf Getaway, consider the luxury of your entire golfing group in a Mountain Luxury Retreat. This allows you to fully enjoy your time here while also fostering a sense of camaraderie. Explore our real-time VRBO listing map and discover our top VRBO options in Canmore, capable of accommodating up to 23 people in one luxurious mountain location. Some of these options are located within the prestigious Silvertip Golf Course Resort Community.

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To enhance your dining experience, we suggest making reservations ahead of time, especially for larger groups. Immerse yourself in our extensive directory featuring over 100 restaurants in Canmore & over 200 in Banff. Discover an enticing variety of choices, organized by themes such as Speciality Cuisine, Fine Dining, Fast Food, Pizza, Grill, and Bar. Don't miss out on our esteemed Best Of list, offering remarkable suggestions to ensure an unforgettable meal.

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To secure your golf group transportation, kindly complete the booking form request provided below, including all necessary details. Our minivan fleet is specifically designed to comfortably accommodate 4 passengers alongside their golf club equipment. With our efficient service, you can enjoy flexibility in terms of timing and avoid the inconvenience of waiting for everyone in a single large shuttle. This allows all golfers in your group to have the freedom they desire.

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All our recommendations are from our own opinion of being in the golf business for over 40 years. We grew up around the golf lifestyle before venturing into the Tourism Industry in the Banff Area. So our knowledge of golf courses is very extensive. All of our choices and information is from our own thoughts. We provide a neutral base on all the golfing information we provide.

We can look after lots of different group sizes. With our minivan fleet we can easily accommodate 4 golfers with all their equipment in each vehicle very comfortably.

With a mini van taxi you have the flexibility of certain members of your group going back to the VRBO at anytime without having to wait for the entire group. Also the money savings by have less wait time for the entire group when using a shuttle allows you to spend those savings on an Amazing Mountain Luxury Retreat for your stay. Shuttles usually only have room for 14 passengers and have way higher cost for the day. Our golf group booking rates are the same every day price. We charge the same value flat rates whether you are going to dinner or golfing. With a shuttle the cost is a premium and reduces the flexibility of certain golfers in your group.

Our top choice for pictures with amazing elevation changes is Silvertip Golf Resort. The best value and great for all golfers of any level is Kananaskis Golf Courses. The top Bucket List golf course is Banff Springs. For a golf course that you want to have fun with when majority of the group is non golfers, is Brewsters Kananaskis Golf Ranch. It provides an easy atmosphere and lots of enjoyment for your group that have limited golf skills and you wish them to be comfortable.

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With our vast local knowledge, our extensive experience in the golf industry, alongside our newfound influence in the realm of tourism, we possess the ability to address a multitude of inquiries. Inform us of how we may assist you with your golf group booking escapade.